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MeBot: Meet your future workplace robot assistant

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Sigurdur Orn's MeBot

Who wouldn’t love to have a likeness of yourself to take care of boring business while you sit in your pjs and eat poptarts?  The technology is out there.  Telepresence robots are on the rise, and may be taking over the work world. Okay, that may be exaggerating, but it’s still a cool concept.

MIT student Sigurdur Orn has unleashed an interesting little bot called the Mebot, that features expressive gesture abilities which Orn is calling “socially embodied communication.”

The robot was debuted at the Human-Robot Interaction Conference in Oskaka, Japan.   It has a little screen that sits on a moving neck.  This screen displays the user’s face.  The robot also has two moving arms as well.  To top it off, the robot also has a wheeled base, which allows it to move about.  Although this little thing looks like some sort of strange alien bug person,  these moving parts help to convey user expressions to the other party.

Maybe these avatars are the future of business, but for now, your best bet for success is still face to face contact (for those of you who didn’t learn this lesson from Up in the Air).

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