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Intern Abuse! Olivia Munn pranks lovelorn Asylum intern Kyle…

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Interns are not playthings to be toyed with, despite what Olivia Munn and the folks at Asylum think. It’s nice they could take time from slapping kittens to take a turn at poor intern Kyle, though.

What’s most impressive about this is how well Ms. Munn performed her piece, and all without a teleprompter! It was suspiciously natural looking, except the last part where she has to… ew… touch him, but we can just hide back behind the cutesy persona again for that. “I’ll just use my simultaneously soft and firm, warm, body to remedy the nationwide humiliation I just put you through, and boost ratings for my Axe ad – I mean website! – at the same time! Hee hee!”

Way to take one for the team Kyle, and we would like you to know that there is an Intern Dignity Restoration team on their way to you, hang in there. If your love for Olivia makes it too hard to hate her, take solace in the fact that it was your employers at Asylum that made her do it. What a peach of a team they have over there. Lucky you, Kyle.

And just in case Olivia actually did think you were cute and liked your bow-tie, there’s no need to go get self-assured or confident. Your bow-tie will be confiscated.

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