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Kool-Aid Man: Urban terrorist? Is America at risk?

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Kool-Aid Man responsible for some serious destruction

Late one night, three friends heard a crash outside.  They went out to investigate and found that a car had driven through the side of a house a few doors down.  After checking out the destruction they headed back inside to enjoy the rest of their evening. An hour later, after the police cars and on-lookers had gone,  an individual saw their opportunity for greatness.

Oh, yes. Kool-Aid anyone?

Standing in the rubble was a likeness of the Kool-Aid man, bursting forth from the wall.  Whoever spray-painted the Kool-Aid Man seized a fantastic opportunity and made all my dreams come true.  Because really…who hasn’t wanted the Kool-Aid Man to bust down your wall and offer you a refreshing drink?

Click here for a first person account of the incident of the Kool-Aid man.

Are you wondering why this is so hilarious?

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