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Music Crush of the Week: Neon Indian

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Neon Indian.

Neon Indian.

If pop artists in the 70′s had MacBooks and Logic Studio, they may have come up with something reminiscent of Neon Indian. There’s immediate allure, from the first wave of synth washes and ultra-compressed 2-step beats. Neon Indian sounds at once both familiar and fresh. It’s the sound of technology aiding their ability to be backwards compatible. Compared to MGMT, Neon Indian is shrouded in mystery. Apparently keeping your identity under wraps is the current indie-marketing rage.

The duo is rumored to be Austin-based Alan Palomo of disco-house-pop group VEGA and…well, some chick from Brooklyn. A full-length is due out in October.

We’re looking forward to seeing Neon Indian live this Sunday at Monolith Festival up at Red Rocks. We’ll shed some light on Neon Indian’s identity and share some highlights from the weekend. Fun Fun.

In the meantime, have a listen to Neon Indian’s Deadbeat Summer:

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