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Learn how to make a pile of trash sound like a shitty trumpet

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How to Make a Trumpet.

This video, for me, encompasses the very essence of comedy.

Even before the video begins, we are imbued with the impression of legitimacy.  As a collaboration between eHow.com and Expert Village, one might expect sage advice.

For two minutes and ten seconds, Annie calmly walks us step by step through the process of making a trumpet.  First, cut the two-liter.  Next, attach said two-liter to a length of hose-pipe via duct tape.  You may need to shorten the hose-pipe for ease of holding.  These all seem fairly clear cut.  After all, she’s an expert.

The pivotal moment comes as she prepares to play.  She puts the horn to her lips and blows extremely hard, and in a singular instant of raucous travesty, you finally realize that you just watched a woman tape garbage together.

Sheer unrivaled genius.

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