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The world according to Henry Rollins.

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Henry Rollins.

Rollins Remix.

Admittedly, I’m not the biggest Henry Rollins fan.  It’s not that I don’t like what he does, because I do.  He feels very strongly about some things and is absolutely not afraid to voice his opinions.  I appreciate that he knows exactly where he stands, only sometimes I don’t quite agree.  And that’s fine too.  If Henry Rollins and I always saw eye to eye, we wouldn’t have much to talk about (assuming hypothetically that I would ever meet him, and also that he would want to talk to me).  But alas, mistress internet is not as forgiving.

It turns out, Henry Rollins hates techno (and probably most forms of electronic music, but he doesn’t go as far to specify each subgenre).  He hates the culture, the drugs, the people, and probably anything else even tangentially related.  It’s a funny bit, I guess, if you like Henry Rollins.  And in his scathing critique, he parodies the simplicity and mindlessness he sees in the process of creating this music.

The awesomeness of his rant comes full circle when it’s remixed.  Suddenly, the hack ultimately creating this musical abomination is Rollins himself.  The video is even features the Techno Viking, an internet meme which, in this context, becomes a bizarro simulacrum of Rollins, but from the pro-techno camp.

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