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Mile High Foodies Dish on Denver Dining

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Denver Skyline

Think Denver lacks a food scene? Think again.

In order for a vibrant restaurant scene to thrive, it needs people to spread the word about what’s hot in the food scene. The Mile High City has a group of dedicated foodies that includes critics, bloggers and chefs who spread the word about what restaurants are worth a visit, up and coming chefs and deliciously crafted dishes.

Denver’s food scene has a lot to love. The cooks are creative, energetic and smart but the restaurants don’t lack the comfort food that so many people crave. Don’t put too much value in Anthony Bourdain‘s antagonism toward Denver’s food scene. It’s excellent.

To match Denver’s eco-conscious, health-conscious aesthetic, there’s an abundance of wind-powered stops and niche shops. Take Sweet Action (@sweetactionic), for example, running on wind power, using biodegradable products and serving up vegan ice cream — and lots of delicious regular fare as well.

Matching comfort food with an all-vegetarian menu, Watercourse and City ‘O City (with a brand new menu) are a delight. Whether it’s buffalo seitan wings at City or a reuben at Watercourse, the food is healthy, delicious and brimming with creativity.

The people are down to earth, connected with each other and most importantly, have a passion for good food.

Want to get out there and sample some fine Denver cuisine? Check out some of Denver’s most influential foodies’ picks for their favorite dishes and Restaurants in the Denver Metro area.

Here’s a rundown from Yelp. And check out the Denver Post’s Food section.

Our Top 5 places to check out:

  1. Forest Room 5, 2532 15th Street, Denver, CO – (303) 433-7001
  2. City O’ City, 206 E 13th Ave, Denver, CO – (303) 831-6443
  3. Root Down, 1600 West 33rd Avenue, Denver, CO – (303) 993-4200
  4. Il Posto, 2011 East 17th Avenue, Denver, CO – (303) 394-0100
  5. The 9th Door, 1808 Blake Street, Denver, CO – (303) 292-2229
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