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I trust your cash will fund my future, mom and dad.

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Trustfund Guy

Trust Fund Babies. Is there anything more annoying?

A lot of students are lucky enough to have Mom and Dad front the bill for their college education. College is expensive enough, but according to the Wall Street Journal, college isn’t the only thing parents are stuck paying for.

In all seriousness, some parents have always shelled out cash for their kids. With college graduates facing a brutal job market, kids are milking the teat for as long as possible. A better solution? Getting one or several internships before (or even after) graduating can help make all the difference.

After all, rich kids like to work for free, and with the bad economy, parents are worried.  So, an ever-more popular solution is buying their kids that foot in the door with an internship post-college. Some parents are creating direct mail campaigns advertising their kid’s potential, while others just buy internships in auctions.

Internship-placement programs are doing really well, but the price paid is pretty steep. University of Dreams in Los Gatos, California helps place interns at internships, for a whopping $5000-$9000 dollars. If that is a little out of your price range, you could always try out Fast Track Internships, they will help you polish your cover letter and resume for a mere $799.

The reality is, we don’t all have rich parents. And yes, internships are invaluable, and can defintely help you become successful, but there should be an easier, more accessible way to get an internship. That’s why we started interninc.com — we want to help you get the internship of your dreams at a price that’s a little more affordable for everyone: Free.

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