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Monolith Festival: Girl Talk.

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Attempting to enjoy Girl Talk in the rain.

Attempting to enjoy Girl Talk in the rain.

Don’t scratch your eyes out (like I was tempted to do during Girl Talk), this full-action shot of Hans, friend of Intern Whisperer, doesn’t quite do his moves justice. Beyond the merit of his stunning gyrations, the effort is doubly impressive given the chilly evening, chilly rain, and cheerleader music (or, how my former coworker @dive_bar describes Girl Talk).

Indeed, while Mr. Talk allowed fans onstage to feign the enthusiasm normally reserved for a warm cluuuub, I’m pretty sure he just popped his CD into his laptop and hit “play.” What a live show! Girl Talk! Twisting knobs (not a sexual innuendo) for the low, low price of $25,000+!

Unless dude-man brought the pacifiers, someone will need to explain his value and appeal to me.

Girl Talk at Monolith. Twisting knobs and such:

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