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Shorten your links and make them shady too!

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ShadyURL: Shorten and sketch-out your links!

How do you shorten links for sharing on Twitter, your blog, or elsewhere? Think HootSuite is the bee’s knees? Are you more of a TinyURL traditionalist? A crunchy enthusiast?

If you’re interested in getting “meta” and sardonically teasing your web-friends, give ShadyURL a try.

Would you rather click on:



Ommwriter: Creating space to write

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For a lot of writers and creative types (myself included), when and where you write determines so much about what you write. Space, atmosphere — it’s all important. Every writer has their ticks and tricks…though most of us are shackled to computers, blips, bloops and buzzing abound.

Ommwriter (Twitter: @ommwriter) is a beautiful way to get away and simply write. It’s a word processing app. Get inspired. Give it a try.

Check out this video demo:

Ommwriter from Herraiz Soto on Vimeo.

Your business card is CRAP!

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Ok. So everyone and their mother has seen this video. If you haven’t: Welcome to the Internet. What’s an “Internet,” you ask? I dunno…I think Al Gore Tweeted about building a series of tubes in 1994 or something and voila! Internet.

Over the top? Check. Beating a message down your throat? Check. But allow me to learn you a thang or two, kiddies: The message this Jersey Shore wanna-be is painfully spewing is real (unlike his tan).

How you present yourself is huge. Remember that. Take my word for it. I build crowds. Guaranteed. What do you do?

Hot Chicks+Art Openings=WIN.

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Hot Chicks at Art Openings. Genius.

I assume I am not the only art-inclined person here. I would also venture a guess that I am not the only hot-chick inclined person here. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a site that combines these two interests?

Well, by golly…they’ve thought of everything! I present to you:

Hot Chicks at Art Openings.

The iPad. Is it really that magical?

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iPad. Whoop-dee-doo.

Steve jobs unveiled apple’s new product the ipad in San Francisco this week. Although apple is calling it “magical” and “revolutionary.” I cant help but think this device looks like an old wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Back in 2007, Apple launched a little game-changer called the iPhone, which offered consumers a touch pad phone and computer all in one tiny package — revolutionary stuff there. It was user friendly, looked cool and soon enough everybody and their mom had one.

Although the iPad does have some cool features like a 10+ hr battery life and an iTunes style bookstore, it also has a lot of flaws. It can’t multitask, so if you want to listen to music and browse the web, you’re out of luck. It also doesn’t have GPS, or a camera.
From what I gather, the iPad is an oversized, stripped down iPhone without the phone. Yeah it has a full size keyboard, but is it really worth $599 for a 32 GB iPad when a 32 GB iPhone is $299?

The iPad is set to hit Apple stores in April. There are already rumors of a more MacBook-like version set to succeed the iPhone-like iPad. Is this another game-changer from Apple? What’s the value of cornering the netbook market — the small, niche netbook market?
13 Things You NEED To Know About The iPad