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Banksy Film “Exit Through the Gift Shop” Opens in LA

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Banksy Street Art in Los Angeles

Venerable graffiti artist Banksy premiered his new and much anticipated street art “documentary” film “Exit Through the Gift Shop” Monday night in Los Angeles.

Even Minnie Driver showed up. Dear me!

Hoping to “do for street art what The Karate Kid did for martial arts,” Banksy’s film (which stars OBEY mastermind Shepard Fairey) opened in selected cities Friday, April 16th.

Whats Hot in Liberia? Hockey.

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Two Liberian Original Six Fans


Hockey Night in Liberia: NHL Jerseys Everywhere in War-Torn Nation (National Post)

Chan Ho Park: Pitching is tough when you have diarrhea

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Chan Ho Park

Chan Ho Park: About to burst.

Pitchers, and really athletes in general, have their on days and their off days. BUT, sometimes consistency is elusive and it can be tough to squeeze out solid results.

Just ask New York Yankees relief pitcher Chan Ho Park. One day he blows it. The next he pitches 3 hit-less innings. What’s the dilio Chan Ho?

Gotta get more fiber in that diet, Chan. And for more fun at the expense of Mr. Park: Chan Ho Park in Compromising Positions (dot com).