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Facebook updates Twitter now? Thanks Intern!

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The Business Insider reports this afternoon that a new Facebook feature offers the managers of public FB pages the ability to update their Twitter feed directly from their Facebook interface.  They also report that this functionality was built by none other than a Summer intern.  His name is Michael Gummelt from Stanford University and another shining example of how interns can do more than make coffee!  Great job, Michael!

Working for free is not as crazy as it sounds.

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It might seem crazy.  Working for nothing or very little.  How much could experience really be worth?  Well, a lot of our interns will tell you in a few years.   But for now, check out this slideshow about famous interns at  It highlights how a few well known and successful people got their start as, you guessed it.  Interns!

Intern FAQ: Should I get drunk and impersonate my boss? No.

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drunk intern

Every good company has an internship program.  It’s how many businesses save money on recruiting and training.   It also gives the student an insider’s look at their industry of choice and some valuable experience.  But sometimes companies will use the internship program to weed out the undesireables.  Like this guy.  Samuel Lehman.  He was an intern for the Madison Police department.  He was doing great too, right up until a couple weeks ago when he got drunk and illegally detained three dudes on the street!  “It is anticipated his internship will be ending” said the police.  Read that and other Madison news at Channel 3.

Make good coffee.

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Coffee Pot2

There is no shame in making coffee.  Just because we make coffee, does not make us “coffee jockeys” as so many interns can sometimes feel.  We make coffee for ourselves, for each other and yes sometimes for our boss.  And there is no shame in that.  What there is shame in however, is making bad coffee.  And around here at Intern Inc. world headquarters there is no shortage of controversy surrounding the amount of coffee necessary to produce the perfect pot of pristine personal petrol.  

I took it upon myself to survey the team and here are the long-awaited results:

Michael:  Eight carefully measured tablespoons per one 12 cup carafe.

Marc: Pours the coffee directly from the bag into the machine until the cone filter appears to be filled half way.

Ross (Me):  One heaping scoop of coffee per two cups of water plus one heaping scoop for luck. 

Emily:  Whatever Ross says because he is smart.

Nicole:  1/2 gallon of 91 octance gasoline and $2.00.  (She drives to Starbucks and is mortally terrified of coffee makers.)

Derek:  Zero scoops of coffee mixed with one large bottle of highly sugared green tea with ginseng. 

How about you?  If you don’t trust us, click this link for what the pros over at say, and keep that coffee brewing!