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Tim and Eric Make “REAL” Commercials Now Too.

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Tim and Eric are my favorite. This is a purposefully broad sentence because it’s a blanket term for a large grouping of lists that Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim are at the top of in my world of preference. They’re my favorite comedians who use a green screen in everything they do. They’re my favorite adults who often times pretend they’re children for comedy’s sake. They’re my favorite candidates for the next California governor’s race. They’re my favorite talent scouts, having found people like James Quall and Richard Dunn. They’d probably be my favorite relief pitchers for the Cleveland Indians. They’d probably be my favorite members of a 14 piece big band. They’re my favorite at virtually everything they do.

NOW, they’re very close to edging out Tom Kuntz (my current favorite) in the “favorite commercial director” list. Of course their premier foray in corporate soul selling comes by the hands of Old Spice, who not only sponsor some of Tom Kuntz’s greatest commercial work, but also come in a close second to Sonic as having the best commercials in the world. Here are Tim and Eric’s Awesome new commercials for Old Spice. It looks like “attractive black man without a shirt, with large muscles, and a towel around his waste” could be becoming a recurring fixture in the advertising world. I sure hope this is the case, for the sole fact that that sentence would read hilariously in a college marketing textbook.

Advertising Creatives make other cool things when the recession keeps them from making ads: Lemonade

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The advertising world totally bit it during the recession. For a while, just like in any profession, thousands of people were getting fired and slapped around by the giant state football championship ring bearing hand of “the man”. When people were getting laid off in the ad world though, that meant that some of the more (debatably) creative and interesting people in the world were out of work.

If interesting people are sitting around with nothing to do but watch reruns of the Mary Tyler Moore Show and draw, their brains are going to expand with ideas until eventually they burst. In which case, the brain debris becomes documentaries, creative charities, and fine art. If you ask me, industry creatives should be replaced with scabs every 2-3 years to keep the DIY market fresh.

From one of these excessively creative brains came a new documentary/movement called Lemonade. It’s about exactly what I just described – creative people getting laid off because Goldman Sachs is irresponsible, THEN finding a way to do something cooler than they did before. Thus – taking lemons, and turning them into Lemonade. Good wordplay, director of the film. Maybe if copywriters would be fired more often, we’d have a steady flow of well-named documentaries.  Think about it.

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Finally! Prezi kills the banality of Powerpoint Presentations. Rejoice.

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Prezi home page

Prezi - Powerpoint killer? *fingers crossed*

For the sake of keeping things relevant, this post is about a presentation website that will make all of your future employers think that you are much more impressive than you will ever deserve. This website/software is called Prezi and uses a type of flash-esque [It's called Javascript, Ben -Ed.] technology to make your business proposals way more creative and ornate than they actually are. If you go to Prezi’s website, you’ll see why it’s so effective. I call it the Michel Gondry effect, where you stare at something seemingly simple, tilt your head, and think “how does that even happen?” It’s awesome.

Okay. Now that that’s established, the REAL reason why I am commenting on this wildly convenient website is because on the homepage of Prezi there is a man who gives a short video presentation of Prezi’s capabilities. Watch it and share my embarrassment for the poor man. As interns, people are going to ask you to do things that you don’t want to do. Sometimes it’s walking in the cold to the FedEx on 5th avenue. Sometimes it’s going to be going to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and getting a quote on doorknobs for the female bathroom.

It should never be humiliating yourself over the internet [I beg to differ -Ed.]. If you can’t read a teleprompter and you don’t know how a green screen works, let your boss know. If they are at all the kind of group of people who you want to eventually work for, they’ll understand.

Don’t make the same mistake that the Prezi man-boy made. Or DO make the same mistake that the Prezi man-boy made, and let us know about it so that I can write about it. Being an intern should be a learning experience. If you can make your mistakes public so that the rest of us can learn from it, we’re all better off. Thanks for the martyrdom Prezi.

Enjoy a Prezi demo from a 9-year-old cos why not?