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Scrabble: “Batman.”

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Batman. Really?

Batman. Really?

While you may think sneaking in games of Scrabble at the office is dubious, next time your boss is peering over your shoulder tell them that it’s actually making you a more productive worker. Recent research has shown that a few Internet breaks or distractions can actually serve as a quick breather. Spend five minutes playing Scrabble and beyond flexing your vocabulary skills, you might be giving yourself a second wind to hammer out some work.

However, I personally, must step away from the game of Scrabble. Once a devout player, I can never top Ross’s first lay: “Batman.” How do I top that? Ross wins. At life. There goes my “productivity.” And it’s all Ross’s fault.

…but dude, nice lay.

WANT! …for getting fat.

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Do you like your brownies soft and gooey like poo? Well YOUR TASTES ARE WRONG! You know how I know you’re wrong? Because this, the ALL EDGES BROWNIE PAN is the greatest achievement of this goddamn century!!!

I look forward to gaining weight.

Brownies. NOM!

Macaroni. OM NOMS!

Anything baked in an oven, ever. NOMMY NOM NOMS!


Internship Alert: Video Intern @ Gawker.

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Do you wish you could justify your reality television addiction with something more substantive than: “I’m genuinely interested in the well-being and marital status of Real Housewives of ________” …? Well, this is your opportunity.

Intern at Gawker. They’ve just posted a video intern position at their NYC offices.

Click here for the deets.

Office Olympics.

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Do you bike to your internship? Your bike ride doesn’t have to end when you get to work. In fact, that’s just when it gets interesting.

Take one clunky cruiser, one bored office worker and a storm drain and you have the ingredients for Office Olympics. The first event has been tested and approved. More to come.


And he's off!

Focused on the gold.

Out the door!

Out the door! No looking back now…
Storm drain finale.

Storm drain finale.