About IW

Welcome to Intern Whisperer.

What is an Intern Whisperer? Well, fair friend, Intern Whisperer is a blog. Duh.

Oh, we’re sorry…we’ll try to be more polite. Let’s venture down the rabbit hole, shall we?

Intern Whisperer is a repository for the adventures of you, the common and/or prospective intern. We’re here to have a little fun (only a little). What are you up to? What are your thoughts? How do you feel? How many cups of coffee have you had today? What kind? Really? Did you know mild blends have more caffeine? You didn’t? Oh, and you don’t care? Okay, that’s fine. We’ll be on our way, then…

Now imagine that was actually a two-way conversation and not just fanciful playacting. Yeah, that’s kinda like what this blog should be like.