Intern at a small business.

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For a lot of students, the prospect of landing an internship is both exciting and intimidating.  Quite often the most sought after placements are with large companies with long standing and established internship programs.  Landing one of these is great, but odds are slim, regardless of your qualifications.  The interest in these prestigious internship positions leaves another source almost completely un-tapped.  Small businesses.  After all, over half of all employees working in the private sector work for small bussinesses.  And according to the NSBA, small business is responsible for over ten times more new jobs than their large corporate counterparts over the past 15 years.  Why not stop in one of the successful established firms in your neighborhood and see if they’d be willing to take on an intern?  There are many advantages to this, including often times working directly with the owner of the company.  Just a thought.  Check out this article in the WSJ on this topic.

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