Your resume is annoying.

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As a member of the intern staff at Intern Inc., there are a lot of perks.  The atmosphere is casual, the boss often buys us lunch, and the Mario Kart tournaments keep our competitive edge alive.  But believe it or not, that’s not why we show up every day and work… for free.  As shallow as it might seem, we’re here for our own good.  We’re here for the experience.  And nowhere is that experience most frequently displayed than the all-important Resume.  And, according to David Silverman, of the Harvard Business Review, nowhere is that experience displayed more poorly than… you got it.  The Resume.  Check out his article here on resumes. And when you’re ready to apply for that next internship or whether you’re ready for… eek… a full-time paying job.  Your future employer won’t read your resume and wonder what the hell an “Experienced leader with superior interpersonal skills and business acumen talented at building productive relationships across a global organization” really did.

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