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Anyone heard of Technorati? While the name clearly alludes to the Illuminati — a super-sketchy cult/secret society meme — they’re slightly less terrifying, although their power to make or break you is eerily similar (where “you” = “a website”).

Think of Technorati as the Internet’s version of Big Brother (the bad one, no…the non-reality TV bad one). They’re enlightened…oh wait! Zow! “Illuminati” is Latin for enlightened! Doodz0rz this totally is coming together.

Technorati: Modern iteration of Illuminati? Possibly...

Technorati: Modern iteration of Illuminati? Possibly...

Anyway, they’ve got a big fancy list of the most popular blogs on their site. The Top 100 blogs, in fact.

A high rating on Technorati is a good thing. Technorati is a good thing. Provided you can accept that selling your soul for money and prominence is a good thing.

To get your site listed and tracked, so you need to sign up on their site and post a code they give you on your site.

Like this: 8vitcsmp2b

Here’s to a good thing. (Or, the damnation of our soul and dignity for all time. Cheers!)

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