Music Crush of the Week: Land of Talk

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Land of Talk.

Land of Talk.

Canada. You’ll be forgiven for thinking maple syrup, the Maple Leafs and…er, Canadian bacon are the chief exports. But there’s been a steady stream of intriguing Canadian indie bands being rolled out like a production line for some time now.

Add to that mix, Land of Talk. Of Montreal (har har), Elizabeth Powell, Joe Yarmush and Andrew Barr are building buzz. Powell recently took up a spot in Canadian indie powerhouse Broken Social Scene.

Much like Broken Social Scene, Land of Talk’s lineup has changed quite a bit over time, with Powell the constant. Her voice is rich, moody and definitive. The band’s first record, Some Are Lakes was released domestically this time last year.

After rumors of a hiatus, Powell’s touring with Broken Social Scene, and some much needed rest, Land of Talk is readying a new EP, Fun and Laughter, out Oct. 13 on Saddle Creek records (for a sneak peek, click here). If you are a fan of Leslie Feist, keep your eye on Land of Talk. Powell could be set to repeat the Feist model, using Broken Social Scene as a platform to launch a career.

Check out the video for “Some Are Lakes” here:

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