Monolith Festival: Bad Veins.

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Bad Veins.

Bad Veins.

I’m rooting for Bad Veins to make a splash having finally released their debut album. I first saw them in Cincinnati back in 2007 playing for an art auction benefit for my friends’ son. They were good then, and are better now.

Benjamin Davis employs a vintage reel-to-reel tape deck to cover pre-recorded  backing tracks while he alternates between keyboards, crunchy guitar, a telephone and a megaphone. And it’s hard not to notice Sebastien Schultz plugging away efficiently on the drums.

They’ll be back in Denver Oct. 10 at the Hi-Dive. If you missed one of the better shows at Monolith, you’ll want to check them out.

Bad Veins — “Warm and Gold” live at Monolith:

More Bad Veins at Monolith:

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