What happens to Interns on Wall St.

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Have you always wanted to be like Gordon Gekko?

Michael Douglas as an douc...I mean, Gordon Gekko

Michael Douglas as a douc...I mean, Gordon Gekko

Inspired by the current shenanigans on Wall St.? What you can achieve as an investment banker these days is impressive:

-Suck at your job

-Contribute to the economic collapse of an entire nation

-Be hated by everyone you know while doing “business” on your gold-rimmed throne (a la former Merrill Lynch CEO Jon Thain)

-Make stupid amounts of money. Recessions are tough on everyone. Except you! Keep them bonuses a’comin’!

Pure gold.

Pure gold.

The only drawback? You may be left for dead atop the Charging Bull on Wall St.:

Intern left for dead on Charging Bull.

Intern left for dead on Charging Bull.

You gotta start somewhere. Read about the drunk/dead/gored/soon-to-be-filthy-rich-anyway-so-don’t-feel-bad-for-him Intern over at Dealbreaker or submit your entry for “Caption Contest Friday: Anyone missing an Intern?

Our personal fav: “Getting gored is the new killing it.” Nice.

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