Monolith Festival: Neon Indian.

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Neon Indian. In neon.

Neon Indian. In neon.

Neon Indian is likely to see some breakthrough success when their debut album Psychic Chasms drops this October.

Already awash in buzz, Alan Palomo (of VEGA fame) is crafting a delectable little lo-fi funky groove that should have malnourished hipsters across the nation dancing in their colorful sneakers.

Unfortunately, with their Monolith performance being only the third ever live Neon Indian show, there are definitely some kinks to work out. Still, there’s tons of potential. I, for one, would much rather shake — or briefly consider, then dismiss the idea of shaking — my pale booty to Neon Indian than Girl Talk. Just sayin’.

Palomo even sampled a ‘lil bit of audience participation for a future track. If you were there, you’re famous! Where do we send mailing info for royalties?

Neon Indian — “Psychic Chasms” live (for just the third time!) at Monolith:

Neon Indian — “Local Joke” live at Monolith:

Neon Indian’s Alan Palomo sampling the crowd for a future track:

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