Monolith Festival: The Walkmen.

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The Walkmen. (are v. good)

The Walkmen: Very good.

Sorry for the delay in wrapping up these Monolith Festival posts, gang. Bit of a hectic week last week. Alas, here we return to wrap up what you may have missed (and convince you to plump for the ticket next year!):

The Walkmen are a very good band. They have been a very good band. For quite some time. If you haven’t taken notice, please do.

Frontman Hamilton Leithauser may take some getting used to. He belts a half-Bob Dylan half-shout that is a bit surprising at first listen. But live…oh my. You really appreciate how well-crafted The Walkmen’s songs truly are. When a song like “On the Water” slowly works its way up to Leithauser’s wailing chorus matched with rumbling bass and dirty guitars, you realize: This. Is. A. Very. Good. Band.

Little touches of gray hair here and there, wedding bands (my girlfriend noticed, to her chagrin…) and an assured performance signify the band has been in the trenches for some time. Their latest record, “You & Me,” shows maturity, growth, and a very promising future. 40 minutes of The Walkmen at Monolith was not nearly enough. Here’s to hoping they come back to Denver soon.

The Walkmen at Monolith: “On the Water”

The Walkmen at Monolith: “Postcards from Tiny Islands”

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