Monolith Festival: Who We’re Checking Out

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M. Ward = Genius.

M. Ward = Genius.

If you’re not going to Monolith Festival at Red Rocks this weekend, you should be. Tickets are still only $110 for a 2-day pass.

If you can’t go, watch this space — we’ll be blogging the festival all weekend long with pics, vids and more.

If you are going, here’s a rundown of who we’re looking forward to seeing…


Of course, the two acts I’m most excited to see Saturday — The Walkmen and M. Ward — are crunched together at 5:30 and 6:15.

M. Ward is songwriting genius. He has such a classic sound with a modern twist and if Letterman appearances are anything to go by, dude-man is t-riff live.

The Walkmen look good live so I’m super-excited to hear Hamilton Leithauser wail his best Bob Dylan-shout-o and Matt Barrick’s stupid-crazy-awesome drumming echoing across the mountains.

Cotton Jones.

Cotton Jones.

It seems like everybody’s looking for ways to look or sound vintage these days with all the crazy hyper-perfection available with modern technology everywhere. With Cotton Jones, this is not a contrived gimmick. They’re wonderfully authentic and down-to-earth. Catch them at the WOXY.COM stage at 7 p.m.

If Cotton Jones isn’t your thing, head up top, grab a drink and check out Denver-based comedian Chuck Roy with MF Doom at 7 p.m. on the Southern Comfort Stage. Chuck is absolutely hilarious if you haven’t already seen him on Last Comic Standing, Will & Grace or in town at Comedy Works. Oh yeah, and MF Doom is awesome too.

I intend to spend the rest of the evening stalking Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs cos she’s purty.

The Twilight Sad: Scottish rockers.

The Twilight Sad: Scottish rockers.


I’ll be parked in front of the WOXY.COM stage for most of the afternoon. I already talked about catching the mysterious dream-dance-disco-pop of Neon Indian at 3 p.m.

Cincinnati-based Bad Veins play at 4:20 p.m. Their songs are awesome pop anthems and I’ve seen them live while going to school near Cincinnati, definitely original and creative instrumentation. If you haven’t heard of them, trust me — they’re worth a look.

A friend shot me some tunes from The Twilight Sad a few months ago. I neglected to listen but on a whim threw it on a few nights ago when I found out they were going to be at Monolith. I am *SO* glad I did. These Scottish rockers are a throwback to Joy Division, The Smiths, My Bloody Valentine — the dark, brooding glory bands of British 80′s. Their sound is huge, noisy, but melodic and I’m definitely excited to sneak a glance at some pedal boards before getting my face melted off.

When you have to choose between Passion Pit, The Twilight Sad and French Horn Rebellion, you know you’re at a good festival. See you there. If not, see you here afterward for reviews. Woo!

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